I started beekeeping. I held off on blogging about it for a while because I don’t blog about beekeeping. Then, I realized that it’s my blog. I can change the rules whenever I want. So now I’m beekeeping and blogging about it. I was going to start beekeeping in the spring like everyone else by […]

Thoughts on camping

My parents took me camping as a child. I did not enjoy it. In fact I hated it so much that I refused to camp as an adult for many years. It might have been because I just wasn’t ready for it but I think it was probably because my parents don’t do camping very […]

Every day?

So I finally got a sponsor worth a damn. It’s so nice to be working with someone that doesn’t want to play the games. My first assignment has no writing. I am to read a little from the big book and pray the third step prayer everyday. An assignment so simplistic in nature that my […]

Five years

Tonight I celebrated five years sober in what I am calling my home group. I’m grateful to have finally found a place to settle in. With a good group, comes good people and I managed to find a sponsor, again. This is the fifth sponsor in two years. It’s not my habit to continually change […]

I undid my first step

This is a good week. Last week was not a good week. I decided to take a few days to process it before I wrote anything. It’s processed. I’m writing. I’ll spare you the details and give you the short version. Last week my family had some drama. I was displeased because I feel like […]

I miss paper

Does anyone else miss writing on paper? There’s something about it that makes me feel more connected to the past as well as a sense that I am creating something fixed for the future. I know paper can be destroyed as easily as me clicking on the delete blog button, but it has the illusion […]