Every day?

So I finally got a sponsor worth a damn. It’s so nice to be working with someone that doesn’t want to play the games. My first assignment has no writing. I am to read a little from the big book and pray the third step prayer everyday. An assignment so simplistic in nature that my […]

Five years

Tonight I celebrated five years sober in what I am calling my home group. I’m grateful to have finally found a place to settle in. With a good group, comes good people and I managed to find a sponsor, again. This is the fifth sponsor in two years. It’s not my habit to continually change […]

I undid my first step

This is a good week. Last week was not a good week. I decided to take a few days to process it before I wrote anything. It’s processed. I’m writing. I’ll spare you the details and give you the short version. Last week my family had some drama. I was displeased because I feel like […]

I miss paper

Does anyone else miss writing on paper? There’s something about it that makes me feel more connected to the past as well as a sense that I am creating something fixed for the future. I know paper can be destroyed as easily as me clicking on the delete blog button, but it has the illusion […]

This man wants to be an island

It’s been bothering me that my blog posts are getting further and further apart. Some of this is due to life being life. Some of this is due to me not wanting to post anything until I have crafted the perfect post. When I read other people’s blogs, all I ever want to read is […]

Go sit down and shut up, the cake is in the oven

So we had an appointment with a judge on Tuesday to finish the adoption. The courthouse was two hours away because we filed in the county where we used to live. We were half way there and the wife’s phone rang. It was the lawyer. There was a miscommunication or something at the courthouse. The […]