Five years

Tonight I celebrated five years sober in what I am calling my home group. I’m grateful to have finally found a place to settle in. With a good group, comes good people and I managed to find a sponsor, again. This is the fifth sponsor in two years. It’s not my habit to continually change sponsors, but this area seems to just have so many people that are bad sponsors.

I like this guy. I think we’re going to do good work together. He’s direct. He’s blunt. He’s got more than ten years and he still has a passion for the program. He has not asked me to call him every day. This was a habit of previous sponsors that usually led to me having a resentment for them. I told him I didn’t want to call him every day. He only responded with, then don’t.

It’s been two years since I had a real home group and a real sponsor. There were times when I gave up on it ever happening again. I could write more, but this is all that matters today.


6 thoughts on “Five years

  1. Congratulations. 5 years is awesome.
    I tried to have a sponsor once. There are not many women in my city and I just couldn’t find someone who I connected to.
    Plus, I don’t like being told what to do without a reason. I know…ego…but it’s still true.
    I’m almost at 4 years. I sometimes think about finding a sponsor, but I have decided that things are working well for me, so I will continue as is. Knowing I can always ask for help if and when needed.

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