I miss paper

Does anyone else miss writing on paper? There’s something about it that makes me feel more connected to the past as well as a sense that I am creating something fixed for the future. I know paper can be destroyed as easily as me clicking on the delete blog button, but it has the illusion of having more anchor than digital publication. 

It feels nice to scroll through old blog posts and see a body of work develop. Even so, it’s not the same as flipping the pages in a blank book that I filled to the margins.

The smell of wet ink drying on paper takes me to a place of peaceful satisfaction that I have rarely known from any other activity. The feeling of new paper on my fingertips makes me think there are endless possibilities for creative thought.

Even making a mistake with ink on paper is an enjoyable experience. That single line through the word that is no longer desired for the expression of my thoughts still remains on the page as a monument to the necessity of process. In digital writing, we only see the final draft.

I’m sure the price paid for digital publication is much smaller than the benefits, but that doesn’t stop me from being nostalgic.


7 thoughts on “I miss paper

  1. My mom was a librarian, and we grew up occasionally helping her empty the book drop on quiet Sunday mornings. There is just something to be said about the tangible feeling of flipping through book pages and the smell of books when you walk through the door. It encompasses you and makes you feel creative and smart, like you are about to accomplish something great. I think the written word allows you to feel more connected to the process – straight from your inner thoughts, through your pen in hand, to existing out there on paper.


  2. I still write on paper a good deal of the time. And I buy beautifully-bound journals from Barnes and Noble. Maybe your thoughts flow better via a pen because typing requires reading what you type, while writing with a pen does not. I actually bought some software called Dragon that lets you read in what you write, and the accuracy is pretty good. I’m working on a book project that’s taking FOREVER, and now I think it’s might be because I am typing instead of writing.
    Thanks for the food for thought.💕


  3. I love writing on paper still to this day. I use my outlook calendar sure yes at work, but I also still have a desk calendar that I write everything in old school style and always always will. I refuse to switch to kindle ways of reading books and will always always buy actual books I can feel, read, smell and hold. I’m a big time doodler too, I can fill up an entire page of paper with doodle and scribble in a very short time lol. Love writing!


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