The creation and protection of sacred

I was watching a show the other day. The main character upset his sister. His sister asked him, rather rhetorically, is there nothing sacred to you? And it turns out, there was nothing sacred to him.

I had to ask myself, what is sacred to me? A few years ago, when I was a christian, this would have been an easy question to answer. Now that I have been liberated from the boundaries of the god of my parents I am free to decide for myself. After giving it much thought, I have decided what to do. I will write a blog post about what is sacred. So here’s what I came up with:

Sacred isn’t a real thing. Sacred is a title people attach to something when they want that thing to be two things: valuable and permanent. 

People seem to seek value externally. Assigning something the label of sacred elevates it to a new status. Most of us look back and scoff at old tales of people holding toenail clippings in sacred status because someone told them that they were the toenail clippings of a saint or apostle. I’m sure if we looked closely we could all find modern examples that were almost as silly. How much better off do you think we’d all be if we looked to create something sacred inside ourselves that would push us to treat the people around us better?

Permanence is the other side of the sacred coin. I think humans want to hold onto or be a part of something permanent because it makes us feel a little closer to immortal. The problem with that is that permanence is an illusion. Religions change with the times, even if we tell ourselves that they don’t because they still use the same book.

What is sacred to me? Very little these days. The value of all people, things, and even ideas has changed for me throughout my life. And the more I consider the idea of permanent, the more I realize that nothing is, not even me. I know I’m not the same person I was even a year ago.


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