Go sit down and shut up, the cake is in the oven

So we had an appointment with a judge on Tuesday to finish the adoption. The courthouse was two hours away because we filed in the county where we used to live. We were half way there and the wife’s phone rang. It was the lawyer. There was a miscommunication or something at the courthouse. The judge had canceled our appointment. I was livid. I wanted to drive the extra hour to the lawyer’s office just so I could scream in her face for allowing this to happen.

It’s funny how people react to things like this. I usually go straight to anger. The wife prefers fear. Our three year old stays the course calmly, sometimes even instructing us to stop yelling at each other. It’s a sad day when the three year old has to be the voice of reason.

My parents were along for the ride. They wanted to come celebrate the official entry of the young one into the family. My father always has advice to give. I never ask him for any. He still gives it. He told me that day as I was stopping around in the parking lot at some catfish diner just off the highway, sometimes we just have to wait for God’s time to come in these matters. I quickly told him that was idiotic. I told him people that get things done in this world have to go out and crack some skulls once in a while.

I don’t get this idea of waiting on God’s time. I think it is a corruption of the third step. I don’t understand how God’s will could be anything other than me taking action. Did anyone ever graduate college waiting on God’s time? No, they got off the couch and started taking classes. Did anyone ever get a job waiting on God’s time? No, they got off the couch and started filling out applications. Did anyone ever build a marriage waiting on God’s time? No, they got in there, fought it out with the spouse for what they thought was important and then they compromised to keep it all together in the end. Anything valuable in life requires an exhausting struggle. That is why I am never inspired by people’s encouragement to an inactive path.

My father isn’t the only one in my life that has ever done this. He’s just the most recent one.

So I was working on a cake today, and it kind of hit me. You get all the ingredients together. You mix everything. You preheat the oven. You pick out the container. You eventually put it in the oven. Then, you just have to sit down and shut up because the cake is in the oven. You’ve done everything you can right now. More action at this time would only ruin the final product. This makes sense to me.

Why can’t people just say it like that? Like, hey, go sit down and shut up, the cake is in the oven. Then, I would understand. All this “God’s time” business makes no sense at all. Letting the cake bake makes perfect sense.

I like cake. On a completely self celebratory note, I recently learned how to make vanilla buttercream frosting. I was so excited when I pulled it off. I took the bowl in the bedroom to show the wife. She took several tastes of it and then told me to take it away due to her believing that she might eat all of it. I put it on a spice cake.

My next one will be chocolate frosting for a chocolate cake. That will be later on in the week. Today, I will simply not drink.


12 thoughts on “Go sit down and shut up, the cake is in the oven

  1. Love love love this post. I agree, sometimes skulls need cracking. Recently someone was waaaay appropriate with me and I didn’t react, spoke to someone in AA about what the ” right thing” to do was. He said” he’s an arsehole and you’re not a doormat, don’t waste your compassion on him” It okay to be annoyed…Now I’m off to bake a cake…🍪


  2. Seemed wrong to like the post when you had so much not like in you when you wrote it. But they don’t offer a better option. I have crossed fingers for the quick happening of the adoption hearing. Re: chocolate cake:
    I found a fabulous recipe for chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. You add a cup of boiling water to the batter which I found quite odd. But the batter tastes like hot coco and bakes into this delish sponge. And the frosting, ahhh, to die for. Keep baking. Keep not drinking. Keep writing about cake. It’s good not to be the only one doing all 3. Q

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  3. Yes, it’s exactly like that. You do everything you can to properly set the plan in motion…and then wait for it to bear fruit. You cannot force a cake to be done before it’s time. Sometimes we take the next step, or some other step we think will help move things forward when we can’t wait. But, it’s usually best to wait and see how the situation develops on its own. Situations have their own trajectory, believe it or not. Try doing nothing, or the opposite of what you usually do in such moments and watch what happens. Sometimes it’s quite a surprising and maybe even better outcome 🙂 Congratulations on your adoption!

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  4. I love this analogy and plan to use it on my son. And I’m going to say, “My friend Lamar told me a story …” He often detours into frustration and anger, like I did at his age. He likes to do things as well, and not waste time discussing what needs to be done (or not).
    So you didn’t drink today. Fantastic! And I am most definitely a cake-aholic. I can just imagine that butter cream frosting. Cream cheese frosting is amazing too. I hope you continue filling us in on your cake exploits. 💕


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