Go sit down and shut up, the cake is in the oven

So we had an appointment with a judge on Tuesday to finish the adoption. The courthouse was two hours away because we filed in the county where we used to live. We were half way there and the wife’s phone rang. It was the lawyer. There was a miscommunication or something at the courthouse. The […]

I got a sponsor, again

So I went to this meeting right before memorial day. It was one of those late meetings where they have candles and turn the lights off. The guy that chaired the meeting read from a book that was not the daily reflections. I was already impressed because I hate the daily reflections. The topic was […]

Meetings in Utah

Once again, I find myself away from home and family for work. This time it is only for two weeks. The wife commented that even two weeks was too long. It’s nice when the people you live with want you there. My group came here Friday. Since we settled in, they have been planning little […]

Have you heard of meditation?

I’ve been hearing about meditation for a long time. Being raised in a good christian home, I was brought up to believe that meditation was something that Buddhist monks did to achieve a higher understanding of things. I was taught that it wasn’t necessary for us because we had a closer connection with God and […]

Why I decided to get sober

I was recently asked in the comments section of a post why I decided to stop drinking. I didn’t feel like that was a question to be answered in the comments and responded that I would make a new post for it. So here goes. For a while, I knew there was a problem but […]

Can I get off the ride for a few minutes?

Since I got home from my business trip two months ago, it’s been nonstop here. We are currently, getting the wife into school for her first full time semester, buying a house, and adopting our tiny one. Did you ever buy a house? It’s like something out of a horror film. You can’t find the […]